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If you or a loved one is seeking legal representation for an immigration issue, please contact our Firm immediately. Our immigration services include: deportation defense analysis, family petitions, U-Visas, FOIA, Asylum, Appeals, VAWA and much more.  We have dedicated lawyers with over 250 years of combined experienced who understand the sensitive nature of immigration and want nothing more than to cement your presence in the United States. We believe everyone deserves a bright future where the pursuit of life, liberty is attainable and where justice rings from sea to shining sea.

“Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

Those are the words written on the Statute of Liberty, and those are the words The Matian Firm believes in. Our mission is to help those who are seeking a better life, a better future, for not only themselves but for their loved ones. The President of the Matian Firm, Shawn F. Matian, comes from a family who immigrated to the United States out of fear of religious persecution in their native country. We believe in the spirit of those hollowed words that are written on the Statue of Liberty and our Firm works to all those who are seeking status here in the Untied States.

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California Immigration Lawyers FAQs

Need a California Immigration lawyer that you can trust and afford? Here’s the green light you’re looking for, call Matian Law today! Stop searching immigration lawyer near me and yielding paid for results. Instead, reach out to a firm with 250 years and counting of experience with immigration law. Here’s what you’ll need to know. 

How Much Does An Immigration Lawyer Cost In California?

The cost of a California immigration lawyer will vary greatly based on the attorney and case. You can expect to pay an attorney through a few different fee structures. 


  • Hourly Rate: Most immigration attorneys in California will charge an hourly rate ranging between $100 and $600 per hour. Hourly rates usually apply for court preperationproceedings, case review, and additional meetings to discuss your case. Before starting, the attorney may be able to estimate the amount of hours the case will require. 

  • Flat rate: If a case is very clear-cut and defined, a California immigration attorney might offer a flat rate fee. This can be a simple way to understand how much an immigration lawyer will cost you, depending on the service you need. 

  • Consultation: A lot of California immigration lawyers will offer a free consultations to clients. This allows clients to hear how an immigration attorney could help them and how they might handle the situation. It can also be an opportunity for attorneys and clients to discuss fee structures and find a solution that works for both parties. 

Ultimately, it’s important to clearly understand how much your legal fees will cost from an immigration lawyer near you. At Matian Firm, our California immigration lawyers offer free consultations, because we know how important communication and transparency is. 

Are Immigration Lawyers Worth The Money Near Me?

While hiring an immigration lawyer can seem costly, it’s an important investment into the safety and security of yourself and or your family. Immigration attorneys can handle the complex process of dealing with paperwork, court cases and the bureaucracy that’s required. They also have experience with cases like yours and can provide an expert perspective on the best way to win your case. Making mistakes in the legal system can cost you time and money. Invest in an attorney to make sure your case goes smoothly. 

Why Do California Immigration Lawyers Charge So Much?

While it might seem like California immigration attorneys charge a lot, there is a good reason behind the costs of an immigration case. Often, immigration cases are extremely complex, and the stakes are high. Without a trusted immigration attorney on your side, the consequences can involve deportation or detention. 


At The Matian Firm, we believe everyone deserves a bright future where the pursuit of life and liberty is attainable and where justice rings from sea to shining sea. Contact us today for a free consultation with one of our immigration attorneys. 

How Much Does A Green Card Cost Currently?

Applying for a Green Card requires an application fee. Currently, the cost is $1,760 for an applicant already within the United States and $1,200 for an applicant living outside of the United States. This total amount includes the cost of the family sponsorship form, the green card application and the biometric charge for applicants living in the U.S. However, this does not include the medical examination fee you must schedule with a provider. Costs can vary depending on your provider’s costs. 


How Much Does it Cost to Get a Green Card?

The cost to get a green card can vary. Factors such as if you apply alone or seek professional help can impact the cost. Consult an immigration attorney at Matian Law for free to receive an accurate estimate.

Should I Bring A Lawyer To My Immigration Interview In California?

If you’re considering bringing a California immigration attorney to your citizenship interview, there are a few clear benefits to consider. While an attorney is not required to be present during your interview, having one present can help you out and ensure things go as they should. 


One benefit to having an immigration lawyer attend is that they can provide clarity during the interview if there is a question. If there are outstanding legal issues or factual questions, an attorney can make an argument on behalf of the applicants and ensure the adjudicator hears your side of the issue. Additionally, having a California immigration attorney present can prevent any misconduct or unwarranted denials during the interview. The attorney can offer accountability and ensure the interview goes as planned.

How Much Does Suing USCIS Cost If I Get A California Attorney?

If you plan to sue the USCIS, you will have to pay a $350 filing fee and a $50 processing fee, regardless of hiring an attorney. While an attorney can help you win your case, you will still have to pay the relevant processing fees to have your case heard. 

Can A Lawyer Speed Up Immigration In California?

Yes, finding an immigration lawyer near you in California can help speed up your case. Plus, it can save you tons of headache. A qualified attorney brings knowledge and expertise to the table which can help your case go smoothly while ensuring favorable outcomes. At The Matian Firm, we offer a free consultation with our immigration lawyers to help you understand your options and speed up the process. 

What Should You Not Say In An Immigration Interview In California?

As you prepare for your immigration interview, there are a few things you should not do during your interview. . .


  • Jokearound with the USCIS interview officer

  • Argue with the officer

  • Lie when answering any questions 

  • Lose your patience during the interview

Having a trusted California immigration lawyer present can keep you on track and calm during the interview to ensure it goes smoothly. 

Does USCIS Know Everything About You?


It can be difficult to know exactly what USCIS has learned about you during your application process. However, the best course of action is to remain truthful and honest to ensure you do not get caught lying during the interview. Lying, even on minor details, can cause issues with your approval and have serious consequences.