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California Attorney FAQs

To get the justice you deserve, enlisting the help of one of the best attorneys in California can help. But, how do you find the best attorneys in California that are available to take your case? Hopelessly searching best attorneys near me is one way, but a better option is to call the Matian Firm. 

What Is A Super Lawyer In California?

A super lawyer in California is a widely-regarded and highly-trusted lawyer in California that has received a high degree of peer recognition and accolades. The term super lawyer only applies to a small percentage of attorneys who have been rigorously selected by their peers in the field. They have represented clients well, and earned the respect of their colleagues across the industry. To connect with a super lawyer, contact Matian Law Firm today.

Who Is The Most Famous California Lawyer?

There isn’t one California lawyer that is the most famous. California is home to countless high-profile and highly-regarded attorneys like Robert Shapiro (worked on the O.J. Simpson case),  Marcia Clark, Johnnie Cochran, Robert Kardashian and more. 

What California Attorney Has The Most Case Wins?

While we don’t have the answer to this – we want to remind you that winning is not all that matters. It’s highly important and the intended outcome, but as we know, life does not always work in our favor. With that being said, for the good times and bad you’ll want a compassionate and experienced attorney by your side. Our team of 64 and counting attorneys have satisfied over 47,000 clients. We promise to keep it real and fight until you get the justice you deserve. 

Who Is The Most Famous Top Female California Lawyer?

Prior to becoming Vice President, Kamala Harris served as the Attorney General for the State of California. She also was a district attorney for the City and County of San Francisco. Kamala was also the first African American and first woman elected to the San Francisco district attorney job and attorney general. 

Aside from Harris, countless top female California attorneys have made their mark on history. At Matian, our team of top California attorneys includes strong females with rich backgrounds living out their dream to help others. If you prefer a female attorney, learn more about our team of female attorneys in California. 

How Much Does A Top Lawyer Cost In California?

As you search for your attorney, there are several different fees structures you might pay, including an hourly fee, a retainer fee, or a contingency fee. When hiring the best lawyers in California, the cost and fees associated can range from $100 an hour all the way up to $700 or more an hour, depending on the attorney, the case, and the needs of the client. You can incur these hourly charges during a phone call, email or meeting — anytime the attorney is working on your case. 

Some attorneys will also charge a retainer fee to get started on your case. A retainer fee is a sum of money paid in advance to secure the attorney’s services. You might also be required to pay an hourly fee on top of this retainer fee. Lastly, some personal injury and accident attorneys will charge a contingency fee. A contingency fee is a payment arrangement where legal fees will only be paid upon them winning the case. If they win the case, they’ll be entitled to a portion of the money you win. 

Ensure you talk to your attorney upfront to understand their fee structure. 

Do California Attorneys Not Take Money If They Don’t Win a Case?

If your California attorney is charging a contingency fee, it means you will be required to pay the lawyer a certain percentage or amount of the money you receive if you win the case. However, usually with a contingency fee, you will not pay any money if they lose the case. While you might not be required to pay your attorney when you work on a contingency fee, you likely will have to pay court costs which can also be expensive. 

Each attorney will operate on a different fee structure, so having that information upfront can help you hire the right attorney for your situation and finances. 

Why Do Attorneys In California Take Cases They Can’t Win?

As humans, we are incredibly hopeful. While hope does not win a case, it may encourage bad decisions. 

Sometimes, an attorney will still try to win a case that ultimately they can’t win. As information becomes available and the case goes on, a great attorney might be able to find a way to win the case. Remember though, the case is about justice and if the evidence points justice in another direction it will be harder to win.  In some cases, an attorney is confident there’s no case or they can’t win before taking the case and can respectfully turn the case down. By providing your attorney with detailed and accurate information from the first meeting, you can help them make appropriate decisions on their behalf.

What Is The Difference Between A Lawyer And An Attorney In California?

While the word “attorney” and “lawyer” are used interchangeably by most people, they are actually different designations. While all attorneys are also lawyers, not all lawyers are attorneys. Anyone that graduates from law school is a lawyer, but only someone who has passed a bar exam to become an attorney. 

The American Bar Association has outlined 199 approved schools that lawyers must graduate from to be eligible to take the bar exam. Ensure your lawyer has not only passed the bar, but has also become a member of the State Bar of California.


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