Client Results

Over the years, the Matian Firm has successfully won thousands of cases, from felonies, deportation cases, and citizenship. Below are examples of the types of cases we have won. Some client names are not used for their protection and privacy. 

Van Nuys


Case terminated in immigration court for Maria from El Salvador.

Los Angeles

Green Card

Obtained green card for Carlos from Mexico who entered with a tourist visa and married his US citizen wife.

San Jose


Obtained Naturalization for Ricardo despite having two DUI convictions on his criminal record

Los Angeles


Obtained permanent residency for Elsa whose case was initially denied after going to a notary. The Matian Firm was able to file a motion to reopen and won the case.



Obtained a U-Visa for Adolfo, who was a victim of a robbery at gunpoint.

Los Angeles


Obtained VAWA for Cristina, who was a victim of domestic violence at the hands of her US Citizen husband of 10 years.


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