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If you or a loved one has been arrested, being investigated and/or is charged with a local or federal crime you should immediately speak with one of our experienced criminal lawyers.

The Matian Firm’s criminal lawyers are dedicated to protecting your rights’ and freedoms’. With over 250 years of combined legal experience, our zealous attorneys are ready to fight for you. The criminal case process can be very difficult to maneuver and can result in grave consequences, but with proper representation our criminal lawyers will fight relentlessly and navigate you through this complex legal battle.

Our criminal lawyers are former federal prosecutors, former district attorneys, former public defenders, we know the law and we know how important it is to be prepared and to fight for justice.

So if you or a loved one is facing a criminal case, please, contact the Matian Firm immediately.

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Criminal Lawyers & Defense FAQs

What Is An Arraignment?

Arraignment Definition Every criminal case has multiple stages: You have your arraignment, your pretrial conferences, your settlement conferences possibly preliminary hearings motions. Motions in limine

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What Is Bail?

Bail is a condition of release, typically you put up money to be released from jail that is bail. So if you’re charged with a

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Mens Rea

What Is A Mens Rea Example? Mens rea goes to your intent, your mind, your brain, when you do an action. For example, in criminal

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Assault Vs Battery

What Is The Difference Between Assault And Battery? The definition of assault in a criminal setting is putting someone under the reasonable beliefs that they

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Manslaughter Vs Murder

What’s The Difference Between Manslaughter And Murder? Manslaughter is when you to have an unintentional killing of a victim without any specific intent. An example

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