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Domestic violence cases are some of the most challenging matters in all of criminal law. In today’s environment, law enforcement and prosecutors tend to treat as true any allegation made against a person. In actuality, however, what appears on a police report rarely reflects the truth. This is because those claiming domestic violence regularly use the system as a backdoor method of eviction, as leverage to get child support, or as a basis for a U-Visa application. As a result, it is imperative that a person charged with domestic violence fight the allegations vigorously. As defense attorneys, our job is to make sure that the District Attorney has lawfully-obtained evidence that actually proves their case.

While the case is pending, however, it is common for the court to issue a Criminal Protective Order, effectively evicting from their own home the person against whom allegations have been made. This often has the effect of denying a parent the right to see their children, let alone the expense of having to stay somewhere other than where they pay rent or a mortgage. Further, even if the alleged victim wants to drop the charges or have the defendant return home, their wishes may not matter; the court and prosecutor can do whatever they want and they seem, given the age in which we live, to discount the wishes of the alleged victim and keep families separated—even in cases with little or no evidence—for the months and months it generally takes to complete a criminal case.

If you’ve been charged with domestic violence, you need an experienced attorney by your side. A domestic violence conviction can have ramifications with employment and immigration, let alone the criminal penalties and family separation issues. Call now.

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