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Are you a victim of a crime who wishes a path to permanent residence?

Immigrant victims of certain crimes who have been helpful to the police, prosecutor or investigating agency in an investigation or prosecution may qualify for a visa that can lead to a green card.  You can also include some of your immediate family (Parents, Spouse, Children and Siblings) obtain a visa. 

A U-Visa permits you to live and work in the US. It also provides you a path to permanent residence.

To get a U visa you must:

  • Be a victim of a serious crime;
  • Possess information about the crime and be helpful or cooperate with law enforcement; investigating agency or the prosecutor in the past, present or likely to be in the future;
  • Having a police report is the first step in determining your eligibility.
  • Have suffered substantial physical or mental abuse; and
  • o The crime occurred in the United States or its territories.

What if I have immigration violations or criminal convictions?

The biggest benefit of the U-Visa is that you can apply for a pardon for almost all immigration violations and criminal convictions.  But, you need a knowledgeable attorney to help you prepare that pardon so that you have the best chance at getting it approved

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