Justin Wynn


Licensed in CA

Practicing since 2016

BAR #309769

Justin Wynn began interning with the Orange County Public Defender while attending law school. Justin graduated with honors and earned a certificate with distinction in Criminal Law. Once admitted to practice law he was hired by the Orange County Public Defender to help manage the proposition 47 department. Shortly after Justin began working as a criminal defense attorney in Orange County and Los Angeles county making appearances for other attorneys.

In January of 2017, Wynn was hired to handle misdemeanor cases with the Orange County Public Defender. For the next 18 months, he handled cases in Santa Ana and Westminster from arraignment through trial. Justin litigated numerous cases, receiving not guilty verdicts after trial. He was also able to negotiate an extensive number of dismissals for his clients.

In July of 2018, Justin left this office and took a job with a personal injury law firm. He was able to help people who were being taken advantage of by insurance companies. It did not take long before he knew he needed to get back to his passion, criminal defense. Justin is dedicated to getting the best results for his clients.

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